The Importance of Bathing Your Dog

A clean dog is a happy and healthy dog! Bathe your dog regularly. Some breeds need more bathing than others. If you're showing your dog it must be bathed prior to being shown. Over-bathing can be harmful to your dog's skin so you'll want to use the appropriate shampoo and rinse thoroughly.  If your schedule doesn't permit the time or the whole experience is overwhelming to you, take your dog to a professional groomer or veterinarian for help. 


Ask questions about experience and visit the facility for cleanliness before taking your dog to a groomer. Ask about their qualifications. After all, you want your dog to look its' best and enjoy the pampering!


Groom Your Dog

It's important to groom your dog regularly. This allows for a visual inspection of your dog from head to tail to feet to become aware early on of any signs of health issues or injuries. Some short-haired breeds just need a quick brushing every week. Some long-haired breeds need brushing daily to prevent or remove matting and to reduce shedding. Some dogs require special clips too.


Trimming Nails

If a dog's nails are permitted to get too long it can be painful for the dog. Keep the nails short so he is comfortable - it will also help save your floors and you from being scratched. If you can hear the nails clicking on the floor it's time for them to be trimmed. Additionally, it will help prevent injury to his feet.


Trimming the hair from the bottom of his feet will help keep him walking properly and avoid discomfort. If you're uncomfortable with trimming or using a dremel on your dog's nails you can seek the services of a professional groomer or your veterinarian.


Clean Those Teeth and Don't Forget Those Ears

Most dogs will accept their teeth being brushed as long as it is introduced slowly and gently. You may also try a finger toothbrush at first so the dog gets comfortable with brushing and then slowing introduce the toothbrush. Always remember to praise and reward your dog for a job well done. You can also give your dog hard dog biscuits and rope floss bones to help keep his teeth clean in between brushings. Rawhides are not recommended - dogs are not always able to digest the rawhide and it can become a blockage in the intestinal tract. Always observe your dog closely when giving him anything to chew on.


A dog's ears should be cleaned regularly. If there is any dirt or residue in the ear it can cause ear infections. There are many ear wash products on the market that are effective. It may also be necessary to "pluck" hairs from inside the dog's ears. If you're not sure how to clean your dog's ears - ask your veterinarian for help.

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